Dogs are hugely popular pets that can offer their owner company, structure and lots of fun. With so many different dog breeds in different shapes and sizes, it can be very difficult to choose the dog that suits you best. Here you can search between different breeds of A-Z, or use our search function, with which you can find the dog that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Choose the right animal for your situation: read before purchasing whether the dog is the pet you are looking for.

Below you will find an overview of all dog breeds. Click on a dog breed for more information. You can also add information yourself on that page!

Below is a list of dog breeds. As far as possible, the list is classified thematically according to the subdivision used by the international kennel club Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). The FCI divides the breeds into ten breed groups. Breeds not recognized by the FCI are placed below in an additional group.

Any further division of a recognized variety into ‘variety groups’ is indented. When variety groups are defined, usually only dogs from the same group may be bred. In fact, the variety group then takes the place of the dog breed. In total there are 356 dog breeds recognized by the FCI. These dog breeds are divided into a number of types.

Pug Dog

Breed group 1: Shepherd dogs and herders
Breed group 2: Pinschers, schnauzers, molossers and sense dogs
Breed group 3: Terriers
Breed group 4: Dash dogs
Breed group 5: Peaks and archetypes
Breed group 6: Walking dogs and sweat dogs
Breed Group 7: Prominent Dogs
Breed group 8: Retrievers, Spaniels and Water Dogs
Breed group 9: Companion dogs
Breed group 10: Greyhounds