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Windcrest Beagles

Hunt type: Beagles
Areas: Missouri
Country: USA
Contact information may be out of date so has been hidden.
Hunt country: Various portions of St. Louis and St. Charles Counties in the State of Missouri near the Missouri River.
History: First organized in the 1980's, the Windcrest has been hunting cottontail regularly since that time. Occasionally we have entered our young hounds in local field trials to test their abilities against those of neighboring beagles.
The Windcrest Hounds have a motto, as opposed to a logo. This motto is "narium omnia sagicistas est." The abbreviation of this motto (N.O.S.E.) appears on our hunt button. Our colors are blue and grey. Ancestors of one of the founders of our hunt fought for the South and ancestors of the other founder fought for the North in our American Civil War, hence the color choices.

Please note the position of the marker above is only intended as a rough guide to the location of the hunt country.
It does not show the location of the kennels, or the homes of any of the subscribers, officials or staff of the hunt.

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