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Schleppjagdverein Vogelsberg Meute eV

Hunt type: Beagles
Areas: Germany
Country: Europe
Contact information may be out of date so has been hidden.
Hunt country: The Vogelsberg-Mountains(50 km east of Frankfurt/M)are very hilly and often densely wooded.These landscapes force many sharp changes of direction. The beagles run on an artificial scent with a mounted Hunt behind them (In Germany, hunting live game with hounds has been forbidden since 1936). Adding fresh blood from the famous Clinkard Beagles for breeding (and hunting) keeps the hounds very agile, fast and with very good cry.
History: The Hunt was founded as a private pack in 1967 by Mr. Karl Solzer with some beagles from English hunts. After his death in 1978 some Whippers-in moved to a club to continue his idea.
Approximately 25 meets between mid-August an mid-November (Saturday and Sunday), mounted exercising three days a week. Two meets are organised by the Club in the vicinity of the kennels; the others by riding clubs or private individuals around their location.

Average Meet: 15-25 kilometers including. 8 - 10 runs.
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Schleppjagdverein Vogelsberg Meute eVSchleppjagdverein Vogelsberg Meute eV

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