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River View Harriers

Hunt type: Harriers
Areas: Co. Limerick
Country: Eire
Contact information may be out of date so has been hidden.
Hunt country: Stone wall country north of Galway
History: Formed in 2006, all hunt members ad previously been involved with neighbouring foot hunt packs, Derek O’Donoghue having hunted the Dromore Harriers for eight seasons and acted as relief huntsman for the Desmond Foxhounds during the 2005/06 season. A foot hunting pack, we hunt on Sundays, occasionally hunting both Saturday and Sunday. Hunting most of West Limerick, our hunting country varies from planted woodland to the more open farmland of the Golden Vale.
All welcome, Cap on the day for those who wish to contribute.

Hounds: Hunting 14˝ couple, a mixture of old English Foxhounds, Harriers and Welsh/Old English Cross, our aim is to have hounds that can hunt with voice and stamina, irrespective of looks. Currently there are 7˝ couple of pups to enter in for the 2007/2008 season.
Last update sent by Derek O' Donoghue on 28th January 2007

Please note the position of the marker above is only intended as a rough guide to the location of the hunt country.
It does not show the location of the kennels, or the homes of any of the subscribers, officials or staff of the hunt.

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