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Mr Jonathan Elliott's

Hunt type: Harriers
Areas: Staffordshire
Country: England
Contact information may be out of date so has been hidden.
Hunt country: Country consists of North Staffs, Albrighton, North Staffs Moorland, and Meynell and South Staffs Foxhound countries.
History: The pack was started by Mr Eric Ellott in 1952 originally as North Staffordshire Moorland Beagles, changed to Mr Jonathan Elliott's, as it is a completely private pack.
Days Hunted Thursdays and Saturdays
Uniform Green, canary yellow collar gilt Stafford knot on collar
Subscriptions None By Invitation only
Only dog hounds are hunted, all are 17 inch to the shoulder but light boned to cope with the huge walls.

Please note the position of the marker above is only intended as a rough guide to the location of the hunt country.
It does not show the location of the kennels, or the homes of any of the subscribers, officials or staff of the hunt.

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