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Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds

Hunt type: Bloodhounds
Areas: Co. Antrim, Co. Tyrone
Country: Northern Ireland
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Hunt country: Co. Antrim and Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland
History: The Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds was formed in 1990 by the core members, and was originally know as the Holestone Drag hounds

On Saturday 29th November 1990 a group of people, now known as the "Founder Members" got together at the Holestone and decided to form a new hunting club. One that would be acceptable to farmers, landowners and huntsmen alike, and so the idea for the club as we know it was born

On the 6th of December 1990 the club held it's first official meeting at the Jim Baker Stadium and it was decided that the club would be called the Holestone Farmers Hunt

The newly formed club held it's first even hunt on the 8th of December at Kells Corner.

The club originally hunted with foxhounds, but before the season ended adopted bloodhounds who were more capable of following a human scent.

By January 1991 the club had it's first name change. The new club was now called the Holestone Farmers Draghounds

Having had a combination of human and horse & rider as Quarry, later on in the season Wilbert Hollinger became our official Quarry.

Chris Sterling-Berry who had been hunting with the club was giving the post of acting Huntsman, with Jim Gault and Johnny Bryson taking up the post of whippers-in.

At the start of the 92/3 season the club had its second name change, now called the Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds.

In August 1992 the club was accepted into the Masters of Bloodhounds Association and became the first Bloodhound pack in Ireland.
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Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds

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