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Dunhallow Hunt

Hunt type: Foxhounds
Areas: Co. Cork
Country: Eire
Contact information may be out of date so has been hidden.
Hunt country: North Co. Cork. About 50 miles West to East, 30 miles North to South. Mainly large banks double and single, drains and very occasionally fly fences. Going is heavy in the west of the country. The east of the country has lighter going with more tillage. Challenging country to cross with a lot of wire and dairy farms.
History: Formed in 1745.
Oldest continuous pack of hounds in Ireland.
Last update 20th March 2008

Please note the position of the marker above is only intended as a rough guide to the location of the hunt country.
It does not show the location of the kennels, or the homes of any of the subscribers, officials or staff of the hunt.

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