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Colne Valley Beagles

Hunt type: Beagles
Areas: Yorkshire
Country: England
Contact information may be out of date so has been hidden.
Hunt country: The country is centred around the west and north of Huddersfield in Yorkshire and into the Lancashire border areas. There is a wide variation from the high heathered moorland of the Pennines where the blue hare is found, to the hilly rough pastureland enclosed by dry stone walls of the fleet brown hare. The highest point of the Pennine range in the area is Black Hill, aptly named, which reaches to 1,908 feet.
History: The pack, previously trencher fed harriers, was established as a beagle pack in 1951 and located in purpose built kennels in Butternab Wood near Huddersfield. The old cottage of the huntsman is a historic building and at one time harboured Luddite fugitives. The longest serving huntsman was Ken Green who retired after twenty seasons in 1972 and who is still a regular follower as well as playing an active role in the hunt. He, along with Simon Shaw wrote a history of the hunt and this book may still be obtained for 10 at the time of writing.

There is a strong musical tradition in the area. So apart from the exhilaration of hunting through some dramatic scenery and rugged country, the social life of the hunt centres around the hunting songs that have been passed on, as well those more recently written to commemorate events or for general amusement and pleasure. So it is of no surprise that some of the local characters associated with hunting have become well known for their talents as entertainers in the folk music field as well as the hunting field.
Subscriptions Single - 35.00
Joint - 47.00
Senior Citizen - 17.00
Junior (under 18) - 5.00

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Last update 4th January 2006

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Colne Valley Beagles

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