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Cappenberger Schleppjagdverein

Hunt type: Draghounds
Areas: Germany
Country: Europe
Contact information may be out of date so has been hidden.
Hunt country: All over Germany by invitation. All hunts are open to the public and everybody is welcome.
History: Found in 1960 by "Rittmeister" Franz Jandrey. Kennels at Schloss Cappenberg, moved in the 90´s to the city of Werne. One of the oldest German draghunts.
Huntslady: Nikola Damm
President: Lutz Bruns
Joint chairman: Stephan Geldsetzer

20 couples of foxhounds. Yearly hunting week on the German Island "Norderney" in September.

Mr. Franz Jandrey – the founder of our hunt – was the one and only MFH of the “Cappenberger Meute”.

From 1960 until 1982 (died in 1983).

Since then we only had a joint-master (A. Ingenbleek, retired).

Today we hunt with 3 huntsmen: Juergen Boecking (also kennelhuntsmen), Stephan Geldsetzer and Nikola Damm (my wife).

Several hunts originated from the Cappenberger Meute: Sauerlandmeute, Lipperlandmeute and Bayernmeute.

In the 80´s to the 90´s we had 2 separate hunting packs with 45 couples of foxhounds and 60 meets p.a.

Today ca. 25 meets.
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Cappenberger Schleppjagdverein  

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