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Albany and West Lodge Bassets

Hunt type: Bassets
Areas: Rutland, Leicestershire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire
Country: England
Contact information may be out of date so has been hidden.
Hunt country: The two hunts amalgamated in 2006. The Albany country extends from Stamford in the south to Bourne in the north. Melton Mowbray and Spalding lie to the west and east. The country is mostly arable, and lies within the boundaries of the Cottesmore Foxhounds.

The West Lodge country runs from the northern outskirts of London to Biggleswade and Longstowe in the north. It is bounded to the east by Harlow and Royston, and on the west by Hatfield and Stevenage. It is arable and lies within the boundaries of the Cambrigeshire with Enfield Chase and the Puckeridge Foxhounds.
History: The Albany was formed in 1955 as The Basset Hound Club pack, and in 1973 was renamed the Albany Bassets with its own country and registering with the MBHA. The Basset Hound Club remained as guarantors of the pack until 2002 when they withdrew all support and the Albany became a subscription pack in May 2003. In 2002 the pack out crossed for the first time in its history using our own Kennel Club registered hounds with Fourshires and Huckworthy stock. The results are a great success producing a lighter more agile hound with improved drive, whilst retaining the voice, chracter and appeal of the Basset Hound.

The West Lodge was formed in 1928 by Sir Douglas Ritchie as a private beagle pack. In 1934 subscriptions were first taken. The pack was disbanded in 1941, but was reformed on its present basis in 1950.

The Albany & West Lodge Bassets have had close relations since the 1950s. Lionel Woolner, Master of the West Lodge Harehounds introduced the founding Master of the Albany Bassets John Evans to hare hunting. The two packs had also been kennelled together at Arkley in Hertfordshire.

In 2006 the hunts amalgamated, for the Albany the additional new country is closer to the majority of its supporters and hunt staff and offers great potential. For the West Lodge, who have so successfully hunted this area since 1950 it secured the country for hunting with Bassets and for the enjoyment of their supporters. We have now enjoyed several successful seasons as an amalgamated hunt.
Subscriptions 2010/2011 season:
Single 45
Joint 70
Cap Fee:
Members 5
Guests 10

Meets: Saturdays and one Wednesday per month, plus occasional by-days.

New members always welcome - please contact us if you are interested in coming along.
Albany and West Lodge Bassets web site
Last update sent by Jo Harris on 18th January 2011

Please note the position of the marker above is only intended as a rough guide to the location of the hunt country.
It does not show the location of the kennels, or the homes of any of the subscribers, officials or staff of the hunt.

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